Red Light Therapy Integration

Red Light Therapy Integration: Key Facts and Benefits

December 06, 202311 min read

Red Light Therapy Integration: Key Facts and Benefits

Many who have used red light therapy often say they have found the holy grail of treatment. Red light therapy works like magic; a dose of red light can cure everything from acne, wrinkles to sore muscles. It is even better as it has zero chemicals.

Is red light therapy too good to be true?

Celebrities swear by red light therapy for their ever radiant, young skin. Jessica Alba, Chrissy Teigen, and Kourtney Kardashian often post their skincare routines, which incorporate red light therapy. The before and after pictures are evidence that red light therapy is more than effective.

So what is red light therapy? There is much misconception about it, including the history, benefits, uses, and the cost. Let us break it all down in the following in-depth look.

What Is Red Light Therapy?

Also known as photobiomodulation, red light therapy (RLT) uses a low level of red or near-infrared light on the skin. The light is absorbed into the skin, stimulating a wide range of health benefits. Red light boosts circulation, collagen production, and muscle repair.

RLT works by exposing your skin to a lamp, device, or a laser with the red light. Your cell’s mitochondria will soak it up and create more energy.

Experts suggest that this helps repair the cells and make them healthier. Thus, enhanced healing in muscle and skin tissue.1

Red light therapy is safe; it uses low levels of heat and does not burn. Red light is different from the light used in tanning booths, and it does not expose your skin to harmful UV rays.

A Quick History of Red Light Therapy Business

While red light therapy became mainstream in the past few years, red light therapy can be traced to the Greek empire. The Greeks believed that exposure to the light, or heliotherapy, was beneficial to their health.

The Greeks did not invent the modern RLT machines that you might see around though. The concepts of light therapy have however been around for thousands of years and modern technology has only created new devices based on existing knowledge.

Dr. Niels Finsen, a 19th-century physician, received a Nobel Prize for his study on the effects of the different wavelengths in treating Tuberculosis. The study was replicated in other fields and today; neurology, physiotherapy, and dermatology all depend on the work of the famed physician.

Researchers are in the process of exploring the overarching therapeutic benefits of Light therapy. In recent times, European researchers have found that specific wavelengths have effects on the treatment of tissue. The process of photo-stimulation specifically deals with such wavelengths.2

Researchers are still exploring the many benefits of RLT. There is evidence to suggest that RLT has positive effects in the management of neurodegenerative diseases, osteoarthritis, and skin damage and hair loss.

RLT is now an FDA-approved cosmetic procedure. It is safe, painless, and effective in comparison to invasive and abrasive cosmetic processes that carry serious risks.

RLT has moved from the confines of scientific research to mainstream use. RLT devices are now available in gyms, spas, dermatologists’ offices, and homes for personal use.

Research is looking into further uses of RLT with new studies suggesting that RLT can heal serious brain conditions…that’s an obvious exaggeration! But the possibilities of adding red light therapy to a business are limitless.

Red Light Therapy vs. Blue Light Therapy

Blue light therapy is the other form of light therapy involving the use of blue light. Blue light therapy has almost the same benefits as RLT, but it works differently.

Blue light is standard in the home devices for treating acne. It reaches the sebaceous glands and kills porphyrins in which are the compounds inside acne.

The red light goes deeper than the blue light, and it can treat acne and a variety of skin disorders. It is for this reason that red light therapy has led to the development of a huge market.

Today, you can find huge businesses, specifically in the health and cosmetic realm hosting a range of RLT devices. Tanning salons, gyms, clinics, and many other businesses today make a point of including red light therapy to boost their sales.

The Key Aspects of Red Light Therapy Business You Should Know

Before integrating red light therapy modalities into your practice, you need to know some crucial business facts involved in the business. We will take a look at the costs of business, devices in the market, some facts about the treatment, safety issues and what customers can expect.

The Cost of Running a Red Light Therapy Business

A single RLT session costs about $25-$85, depending on the location. When used with a combination of other treatments, RLT costs more.

The small RLT kits cost $25 to $250. RLT sessions can range from $50 to $100 or more depending on the length of the session. To acquire all the necessary equipment, the cost can range from $10,000 and upwards.

With about 10 customers at the least per day though, it can take a couple of months to recover the initial investment cost.

Red Light Therapy Devices Currently in the Market

Full-Body Devices

These are large, powerful, and costly in comparison to devices that treat a small part of the body. Full-body devices deliver the most total energy for optimum health benefits.

Partner with the right vendors before making any RLT purchase.

Full-body devices are evaluated using the following features:

Irradiance – This is a measure of power per unit area in milliwatts per square centimeter (mW/cm2). It is the rate of energy delivered. Full-body devices with 180 mW/cm2 offer the optimum amount of energy during an RLT session.

Total Energy – This is a very crucial feature of full-body RLT devices. Total energy refers to the energy transferred from the device to the person using it.

Smaller Devices

Some devices offer targeted treatment for problematic areas only. The devices are small and often awkwardly shaped, like showerheads, to get around the human body.

Smaller devices are useful for treating specific areas such as knees, face, neck, chest, and head. They are commonly used for anti-aging treatment at home, and they include masks and wands.

Home RLT devices have low frequencies. They are yet to be proven to be effective. They can often accompany full-body RLT machines to complement the work of the bigger machines. They are only necessary as secondary devices in most cases though.

Key Issues to Know About RLT Treatment Sessions

RLT treatments take 20 minutes for every visit. A customer typically needs to go back after one week for another session for the next 10 weeks. After the initial sessions, it is then advisable for them to pop in once every month or so.

At-home RLT devices are often used by individual clients who have already experienced full-body RLT. Though, the results might not be as visible as the full-body RLT treatments because of the functional differences in devices. Smaller home devices have minimal energy in comparison to full-body and professional RLT devices.

RLT can improve skin condition over time. But this happens when the treatment is frequent. Having a great service that convinces clients to be regulars can thus boost the results of your investment in RLT devices.

The Safety of Red Light Therapy

RLT is safe. The FDA-approved devices are recommended for the treatment and there is no need to worry about incidences.

Regardless, proper training of staff is necessary to ensure that every possible dangerous scenario is avoided.

RLT does not contain ultraviolet rays; it is safe for regular use. RLT does not cause burns or any injuries, unlike other cosmetic procedures such as chemical peels and laser therapy. RLT is also safe for all skin types and colors.

The side effects of RLT are rare. Every aspect of safety should be considered however to ensure that the clients are comfortable with regular treatments.

What Customers Can Expect After an RLT Session

RLT is non-invasive, so you are good to go after a session. You might see minor changes after the first session. But dramatic and noticeable changes take time.

RLT sessions are harmless, and you can continue with your day to day activities after the session.
Even after achieving the desired results, you should go for RLT sessions once a month to maintain the results.

RLT is a popular anti-aging regimen, but after a while, you will start to lose some collagen, and the signs of aging will re-appear. You might also see acne breakouts, which is why it is advisable to go for maintenance treatment after every few months.

Benefits of Red Light Therapy For Your Customers

RLT has impressive health benefits that go beyond skin rejuvenation. RLT is an FDA approved treatment for many conditions, including chronic joint pain and wounds.

RLT will attract clients with various needs if you make a point of informing them of some of the amazing benefits of the treatment. Here are some of the benefits of RLT for your customers as supported by scientific research:

Tissue Repair and Wound Healing

Research has found out that RLT in the spectral range of 600 to 1,300 nanometers enhances wound healing and tissue repair.

Dermatologists use RLT for skin rejuvenation to induce repair in the secondary tissue. Light therapy causes damage to the epidermis triggering inflammation, which is a precursor for healing.

RLT is effective because it bypasses the initial destructive step to stimulate the regenerative processes in the skin directly.

RLT helps in the management of other skin conditions through the regeneration of keratinocytes, fibroblasts, and immune cells within the skin tissue.

Red light therapy can also treat pain and inflammation caused by Achilles tendinitis. RLT is a remedy for post-workout inflammation and common foot injuries.

Acne Repair

RLT is a potential treatment for acne vulgaris. Research has found out that RLT can alter the behavior of the sebaceous gland. It inhibits the production of sebum, which clog pores, causing acne.

RLT, when used alone or in combination with blue light therapy, is an effective treatment for acne vulgaris. RLT penetrates deep into the skin, reducing inflammation and irritation that cause acne.

Red light has a host of other benefits to the skin. Dermatologists and plastic surgeons recommend RLT because it causes a biochemical effect in the skin that boosts the amount of energy stored in cells. The skin cells begin functioning as they should, and this is why RLT can treat scars and wounds.

Anti-aging Effects

RLT really took off due to its efficacy in fighting wrinkles, fine lines, and sunspots, and other signs of aging. Professionals report that RLT improved complexion creating smoother, younger-looking skin.

RLT hydrates and heals the aging skin. It protects collagen and elastin to stimulate new production of collagen.

The efficacy of RLT in anti-aging skin rejuvenation and increasing collagen is proven.

RLT is a safe, non-ablative, and non-thermal, making it an effective anti-aging remedy.

Hair Growth

RLT can reverse hair loss and stimulate follicle hair growth. Studies have explored the effects of RLT on alopecia. They found that RLT improved hair density and growth; thus, reversing baldness and hair loss.

Evidence shows that people who received RLT in the wavelengths of both 665 nanometres (nm) and 808 nm experience improved hair growth.

Improving Sleep Quality

The many benefits of RLT show the importance of natural light on the human body. Light regulates a lot of biological systems, which is why it is advisable to get a dose of sunshine every day.

Lack of exposure to the sun affects energy levels and the circadian rhythms leading to poor sleep, fatigue, and mood problems.

Individuals who cannot get outside anymore, especially the elderly, can benefit from RLT. RLT exposes the body to natural light, and this resets the circadian clock. Exposure to RLT helps in the release of melatonin, which brings healthy sleep.

Reduces Depression and Fatigue

Red light has long been a part of Eastern medicine. Light improves health, immunity, and recovery.

Light is a form of energy; the same way human bodies are energy systems. Light can stimulate specific parts of the human body ridding fatigue.

Exposure to RLT can improve mood and help in the management of stress and depression.

Adding Red Light Therapy to Your Business Will Entice Your Customers and Boost Your Bottom Line

RLT is not just a fad in the cosmetics and health industry, as seen from the many benefits. RLT is generally safe and effective treatment for skin conditions, inflammation, and injuries.

By marketing the above-mentioned benefits to your customers effectively, you will not only see an increase in interested clients but you position your business for improved bottom lines.

Research on RLT has shown the potential of RLT, making it an essential part of the skincare routine.

There are many ways to incorporate RLT into your business. You can incorporate it to manage skin conditions, injuries, or general wellness.

Encourage your clients to come for weekly RLT treatments until they experience noticeable changes in their skin.

The side effects of RLT are rare. It is a safe, non-invasive procedure that has the potential to address a wide range of cosmetic and health issues.

Integrate RLT into your business through attractive packaging, marketing, and effective price. RLT has become mainstream, and now is the perfect time to add it to your business.

To succeed, you only need to choose the right RLT devices to cut down operational costs and increase profits. You can also explore some workable business models that have been proven to work in the recovery business.

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